Happy 8 Months Lilly

For your 8 Month Birthday…you ate some organic avocados that mommy mashed up for you.  Grandma S brought it over yesterday.  You were fed by your ba ngoai–your grandma.  Mommy had to go tutor for a bit, but I came back right away to play with you and feed you.  You’ve been such a needy baby this past week.  I see 2 little teeth that popped out of your lower gums…it must hurt huh?  We love you so much baby!

Daddy agreed to go to Kazakhstan with us in June/July today! Yay.  We’ll be attending mommy’s favorite cousin’s wedding there this summer.  That’s your uncle Andy.

standing baby

Lilly has started to stand by pulling herself up on the crib railings last week.  Here bed was lowered to the lowest setting yesterday and somehow she’s still able to pull herself up to standing and look over the rails.  At least it isn’t chest height like on the other setting though.  I also bought a $250 Simmons Beauty Rest Diamond mattress from Buy Buy Baby to replace her crappy $39 mattress from Walmart too.  It’s so much thicker and more comfy than the old one.  Hopefully she’ll be utilizing the nicer one.033114 CryItOut 1479098_10152318629830056_1330879370_n 1234482_10152318629640056_18325194_n