Greener on the other side?

Attending church as an individual has a completely different feel than when going as a family. As a family I felt more of a sense of “participation” and belonging…now that I am going as a single person, especially on days without my daughter, something just feels a bit weird. More of an “onlooker” sense.   I really don’t even feel like going at times, other than to go because it should be done/ a good habit to have.  Has my walk with God shifted? Maybe I’m just a bit lost and confused? I will pray when I can and continue where I am…I’ve realized some of the things I need to do out of responsibility and some of the things I need to do to be happy.  I hope the end result and my logic is on somewhat of a correct path.  I can choose my road to an extent…and I think I am moving in a forward direction, though it is not always comfortable and easy.  Past habits and past comforts…had been a little ingrained…oh well. Happy Sunday. At least I made it this week and given my tithe.


So much to do, so much to learn. So much to live for…


imageIt’s past 1am…nearing 2am and I’m guessing this will be one of those nights that tears will flow and I’ll cry myself to sleep. Almost 3…and my phone rang! It wasn’t what I expected/ who I expected. But that is resolved.  Other things not so much so.

423. Still unable to sleep. Thinking of my happy place. Teleporting myself there.