It’s been about 3 years. I’ve been busy with multiple jobs and 2 kids now!

My little Lilly is a big girl now and I showed her this little site that was made for her today. She asked me, how come I didn’t make a little online thing to document Luke’s growth. Oh boy, told her that it’s not something I thought was necessary for an extra expense. I love them both but things aren’t the same with 2 kids. She’s got to learn to share with baby brother and Little Brother doesn’t get the same luxuries that grandparents had showered my Little Lilly with. Life changes, people changed, and we have learned to adapt well.

Sister broke baby bro’s little bike today and with her wonderful heart she offered to buy him a bike to replace it. We went and got a second hand one.  My son, unlike my daughter has grown up with mostly second hand everything (almost). Though I did get him a pair of new shoes today from Academy. Clearance rack of course. I gotta figure out to budget things on my wayyy reduced hours of work that is going on lately.  It’s dangerous to go back to work full time and harder even with both kids being out of school.

She’s finally asleep! Though my son is still up. They had become night owls! Such a bad sleeping schedule. I don’t know what will happen once school starts again for them. How will we every wake up early? None of us are morning people!