Another day another lie.

So July 4, 2015 in Taiwan last week the husband lied in my face after I continuously asked him the same question of why “Jennifer” with no last name is on his phone. After a google search of the number, “Jennifer’s day spa” came up. No yelp reviews of any sort. Weird. It’s a spa that does the “happy ending” massages that RubMaps (which he signed up for not to long ago) has reviews on…he said it’s a potential customer…lies! The next day he fessed up and told me a partial truth that I knew already. That he went once…only once he reassured me for a $100 run me down there massage. And that it was YEARS before he knew me…like 10 years! Huh? Why was it on his fairly new phone? He said Google contacts synced it. Yea right! I bet Gcontacts was not around then.

Days later he told me more of this and said that he’s visited a few times. Went to different places say somewhere round 20-30 times for these sexual massages…but that Jennifer’s was his first place. So that’s why he decided to key in that number to his phone and save it.

Well that was in the past week. Today, I asked him at 3 separate occasions if he’s done anything that he needs to tell me. He said no, nothing bad. I told him i have a gut feeling and know that something is up. He’s still in denial. At night, while walking our dog with our baby I asked more specific questions…did you open up any new fake email accounts (added to your 14 fake ones i know of) OR have been checking any of the old fake accounts…? He said “No”, Hugged me, and continued to lie even better.

It’s so hard. I do want a divorce but things are just never right for a divorce. I do and I don’t want it. I don’t know how to live with a man who consciously lies and tries to deceive me. It hurts inside and I don’t have anyone to really tell.

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