Mad, angry, hurt.

I asked the husband last night: “hey u know i heard the Treasure girls do more than just dances like u told me before. Did u know they give out sex too?” he said yes (since my friend’s husband whom is in the same situation as he is fully disclosed to his wife of doing things and hiring prostitutes). I asked why he lied to me before and said those girls dont do that stuff there and he only goes to strip clubs for the dances or their lunch buffets…he tried to make me question what i remember and make me feel like a crazy a person. I vividly remember him denying thatbthe girls there do not perform such things thatbi found to be facts from my research. I was curious enough to bring him on a strip club hop for one of his birthdays to see how it is and hoe he likes it. He loved it. I even bought him a lapdance. The woman seems nice. She seemed like she could be someone’s wife and mom and was very considerate that i was there. It was just a dance (but i was there sobof course nothing else was gonna happen). I am pretty upset that he lies. He said he never had sex there and that it would have been too expensive…yet he can do hand jobs for $100/ blow jobs for $160!? 40 bucks more and u get it all… He must think l am stupid and crazy. Or I must be crazy stupid staying with him for so long and working so hard to support my self and baby…while who knows where his money and time has gone. Not only was I financially deprived, but think if this young wife –or whatever it is I am to him– I did not get the physical touch that I do crave for too. He gets what he needs by paying girls for it and not giving it to me at home.

What our therapist said was it is valid that hr claims from 29 ti 30 there was a significant drop in our intimacy/ being physical with each he’s going on 40 and I’m almost 10 years younger…in my prime with a high drive. Damn, what am I supposed to do? Hell no will I be like him and go pay for services! Especially when there is a willing wife who ain’t too ugly to look at wanting it and willing at home. Hmm…what though for the wife whose husband does not want it and eiyher is not willing–or just cannot do it…what to do?

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