Fork in the road

Can’t focus on completing my little essay that my friends edited for me already…need to send in the final copy…I’m a bit tired but the teas I drank ain’t helping to put me to sleep… So…I was wanting to talk to my friend today about what was on my mind, but she was driving and wanting to talk about her issues…so I guess it’ll be another time when we do manage to call each other to talk.  I’m a lazy friend.  I don’t tend to keep in touch with people real well…even if I consider some my best friends.  But, that’s where I appreciate how we just pick up as if no time has passed. I love my best friend G and my best friend M.  I don’t think life would be the same without them. Hmm…my fork in the road is one that I could eliminate if I really wanted to…but do I?  I’m not really sure, and my phone probably is more decisive than I am.  It somehow has a mind of it’s own and does things that I did not tell it too!  I guess it’s a good thing in a way that it doesn’t listen to me =) My little interest kinda changed in a way…feels completely different to me—a little strange. Could I say a little scarier without being offensive?  The little sweetness turned to coldness…and then to something different…and something even more foreign?  I’m not sure where this is going and not sure what I will do with it.  Not sure if I should,  or if I even want to.  I do kinda want to though… Not sure how things are on the other end.  I wish I knew a bit more how things are there.  I was originally very comfortable, but now a bit uneasy with how the mood could change so drastically and quickly.  Maybe it’s just a season.  Who knows. Ok, need to get back to merging the essays into something more ME. or sleep…I hate waking up early and will need to tomorrow =(ugh!

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