Lawyer & Letdowns

It’s annoying what happened…my father assured me that I should not go with my choice of lawyer because yada yada…that this one is in no sense connected to the family and I should not be worried about what I was worried about!

Then, guess what happened when someone just goes about and searches “Natalie N”?  It pops up with her name,  picture and info on the family firm’s website!!!  What the heck dad?  You cannot just say oh…we forgot to take that down?  Hmm…Lots of let downs lately.

Sometimes I do question things…question myself…question people…I think I’ll just do what I do best and immerse myself in my work.  Whatever it is I need to do…to not get frustrated.  People in general are sometimes just big disappointments.  I hope I’m doing the right thing.  Though I was told there is no right or wrong…there’s just gray.  There’s no winner or loser…both parties will lose.  Isn’t life just disappointing sometime?  Well…I guess I’ll just sip on my green tea and be happy my barista was nice to me.

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