Make your own…whatever

Why be confined to rigid structure (yes, sometimes we must, but not always)? I made my own schedule of a workout kinda today and loved my “sampler class”.

I walked in late to the first Strike Kickboxing class ever at Lifetime ( I know some teachers hate late comers, I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t think they should care if they do care.  I wouldn’t care if it’s a workout class. Let the student decide and teach on).  The class was fairly packed with maybe 35-40 people on the floor.  I found a back corner that had enough space for me.  I liked the class a little. It wasn’t bad. There is a weight component to it…so yay…maybe I can increase bone density! If I go for a 15 min sampler each Tuesday.   I got slightly bored with it and  tired of the weight bar (I don’t do weights) so ended up doing the exercises without the bar while everyone else used the bar….for a while.

Right next to me was a door that connected to Studio 2…hmm I wondered…what class is that? It looks like girls dancing…hmm…kickboxing with weights (eh) or…let’s jump classes? I walked into the other room and it had a perfect tiny spot to squeeze into the 60-70 student filled room.  It was like I guess a night club filled with girls to absorb the loud music (no need for ear protection, yay!) 3 girls/ instructor/ trainer maybe? We alternating on the stage.  Different music than the regular Zumba music. I guess this must be a bootlegged / downloaded version of some sort. Not Zumba licensed or whatever.  But definitely a fun workout class! I need to visit more classes to see the variety of instruction and formats…this will be my self-paced/ self- put- together professional development…and I’ll get a workout all at the same time. Fun! Maybe in June…I’ll find one in Tulsa 🙂 to see how different it is in another state! Seems like everyone has a different flavor.  I’ll have to figure out what I would want to cook…fig out my recipe I would use as a teacher for something completely new to teach.  I used to be so shy and meek and stuck my head in a book throughout high school…now I wouldn’t mind taking on a Zumba job when the time is right to teach a roomful of females!  I hope I will be up for the challenge.  So many new things in life.  Things that I am in love with.   I have a passion for life and where ever it will take me.  Lilly should benefit from her non-standard mommy too.   Definitely not a normal baby:) she can count in 4 languages!  I need to push her harder one day.  One day at a time…

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