Sleep…where r u?

Angel of sleep, please come and visit me.  I found things to do and did most of it.  Now I need a book to read to put my head to bed…but am too lazy to walk downstairs to get it…I’ve done the dishes, sorted out the laundry, confirmed swim cancellations, and more.  Now what is there to do in the middle of the night?  I don’t want to bother anyone… I don’t want be awake…yet I cannot fall asleep.  I’ll let my mind drift to far away places… to a time of less worries.  I do wish I have a time machine…tho I think it is best to be in the present.  I can’t wait until morning.  Hopefully I’m not too tired then.  Wednesdays tend to be/ used to be the most tiring day of the week.  I’ll close my eyes soon.  Hopefully the sun won’t rise too soon. Hopefully baby will stay asleep.  Mommy is very tired.

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