Unforseen events

Sooo this supposedly easy week went by crazily. It was really stressful at first but has eased to a different state. Sometimes one cannot imagine how things constantly changes… But that is life ain’t it? If you’re living and breathing… You have to expect that the only thing that will be constant is change itself. What I thought would last, changed as time passed…I have always believe that change is good (even if it doesn’t seem so at the time).

So at the crazy long doc appointment I had (dunno why they make appointments just to always run an hour or two late on you!)…Lilly was shown how Dr.S “turned off Mommy’s milk”.  I thought this was the funniest thing ever. Especially when she was explaining to Lilly what she would do with me.  I asked what/how she would do this thing and she just gave me a look…hahaha…I didn’t realize it was just to get Lilly to believe it. Hmm…well that night was not the best of nights.  This is the third night that she was denied Mommy’s boobies. She has been throwing fits about them. Oh boy, hope this will last only for a short time and she’d realize that she’ll be fine without them.

College class/ administrator got a bit upset that I did not accept the class…oh well. I am getting some new tutoring kids this week so that’s fine.  I just need to clean my place up and organize a bit more…so busy lately… I really don’t have time much for myself and did spread myself quite thin for too many things.  I’m learning to cut back on things to have more time for my baby who’s growing so fast!  So now she could almost count to 20 in the 4 languages.  She’s still messing up with Chinese and Spanish…I need to review those 2 favorite languages if mine.

Baby’s asleep… That means I must try to catch some of the same zzzs we could. Goodnight.

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