Today is another day that served as confirmation that my decision is the second best thing that I have done in my life.

Even though for the past few weeks/ so I have been physically and mentally exhausted…it is so worth it.

Today was great.  Got to know 5 new students whom I like a lot in a small group setting.  Got to continue with tutoring my old student…though she most likely will go on summer vacation soon. STAAR testing is pretty much done for her I think. I’m still planning my summer schedule. Who knows…I dunno. I’m still a last minute person. Plans always change so I plan that things will change…

A second day training with a friend/s. Met a new and cool Kazakh girl. Maybe I’ll be motivated to learn Russian again. I can feel already that I’ll be so sore for the next few days.  It’s a good pain though I guess.  Hmm another foot massage day I could take my mom too maybe:)

So excited bout having my kitchen and baths repainted and given a facelift soon! I should take before and after pics…need to ask mom to do it since I’m not going to be there initially. Gotta take baby somewhere in the morning.

Tired and exhausted still…and totally smell like insect repellent! I need to shower now.

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