Different: tired but ok

I dunno why I’m tired and exhausted all the time. But I guess it’s ok and it’s normal. Almost every hour of my day has something scheduled in it it seems!I’m thankful for work and thankful for my daughter. Maybe life will make more sense and slow down somewhere down the line. The definition of “family” can really change so much, but it’s ok. Dynamics and relationships with people have also changed.

I think I’ll slowly define and figure out where it is I need to go. Time is such a vauluable thing. I hope to not spread myself thin like I usually do. I have a hard time gauging how much I can do, work, etc… I guess it’s a good thing I’m a single mommy whose time is filled with work and baby/hobby…no time for any type of other relationship. Easy going, non-demanding girlfriends is ok. Def not time consuming and there when each of us is available or convenient. I guess this is that guy-free zone I’ve never had and desperately need as a healing/recovery time from all the relationship issues.

Need to get to know myself better and figure out what it is I actually want and need in a relationship so that when the right one comes along I would recognize it. Or when the wrong one comes, make sure I avoid it. Hmm…I think I wouldn’t mind being single forever. Less drama, less issues, and Baby girl won’t have any step dad to deal with/ i wouldn’t need to be concerned about.

I got lucky, my blended family turned out ok. So…where too on the next HM with my mom…next July if I could save up!

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