I may have found my middle ground

Is this what balance is? When you’ve cried your eyes out and let it all out. Put on music you like…do housework and just focus on all the tasks and work at hand. Get busy and just focus on work and being productive…as well as stay later to help students, answer their class questions, give them life advice…run to tutor and help them an extra hour with more just life advice and talking free of charge.

I guess I may have found the middle ground balance that some might call it. Not happy,  not sad. Just a middle ground.

I think I’ll tap into my old artistic energy when I find some spare time to paint and do some of the old things that I haven’t done in a while to keep the emotions and feelings alive. I don’t mind being in the middle ground…but I am a “blue”: a feeler and when I’m not “feeling” things…something seems missing. Damn I forgot my paint and paintbrushes at my Townhouse! Sleeping at mom’s tonight and was hoping to paint with Lilly.  I guess it works out, my mom won’t have to freak out about the high possibility of spilled paint.  Haha.


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