the need to FOCUS

So recently I was told by 2 friends that I need to FOCUS on SOMETHING.  I guess I cannot narrow it to ONE but I got maybe 3 focuses?

1) Learn to organize and be organized with my home…parents always said “an organized home = an organized life” and right now my life seems a confusing mess!

2) Finish and “graduate” and get this third job under my belt…it’s something I’ve always been interested in doing and always told that it was a stupid thing and discouraged to.  Who cares? If I want to do it and I DON’T THINK  that it is a negative thing…then I’ll be doing it.  Of course I will have to schedule in my other work and priorities, but I can learn to make some time…just like #3.

3) Learn to refine my dance.  It’s not just my hobby, my workout, but something else that I’ve always liked and have a passion for.  It’s getting difficult and I’ve been questioning if I’m wasting time on it, but I don’t think that THAT is the problem.  It’s probably more me…and my issues.  I just need to keep up with the 2 new classes.

I am stretch thin in a sense, but I also feel in the dead of night…that there’s so much time to just lay and stare and think? Oh…do I think? I’m not sure…let’s rephrase “lay and stare and FEEL…depressed? confused? sad? I have no idea!  Hopefully I will feel that purpose that I thought I felt not too long ago.  Somehow I’ve lost myself and figuring on how to get back.

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