Wow it’s been about half a year since I’ve logged on

Hmm…after I started teaching full time again in August I barely had time for anything else.  Not to mention, August and September I taught both in a high school during the day and a night class at the community college.  Plus, a one hour commute to and from work.  2 hours driving half asleep most days!

Now with renting a weekday apartment near the school it’s a bit better.  Still not that much time with my after school private tutoring business too.  I love how the K-12 kids I tutor are so motivated to succeed and wish that all of my 10th/11th grade Chemistry kids could do the same…=( Boo hoo.  Not every one is like that.

Ahh Thanksgiving week is coming up and I will get a chance to relax with Little Lilly and the hubby.  I’m so grateful for him and the support that he gives now that I’m working too much and way too hard again.  I so miss the days when I have leisure time with the baby.  Lilly misses me so much too!

I think she has separation anxiety.  She cries “mommy” in her sleep and gets so upset when I am about to leave.  I think I have Sunday Blues and she does too.  Just knowing that Monday is coming makes both mommy and baby sad…Monday  comes I’ll have to sneak out of bed before she wakes and not see her till bout her bed time/ when she’s asleep already…it kind of sucks!

Oh how much I miss my baby! Daddy it’s time for you to bring her home already!2014-09-28 19.05.13 2014-10-11 10.06.58 2014-09-14 02.54.06


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