Mommy’s Work & Dream Job

Current Job I love oh so much:

 As a k-12 private tutor and an community college adjunct ESL/GED instructor, I get to spend lots of time with my little girl and do the work that I really want.  I love teaching and learning from my students.

My teaching career started soon after I got back to the US from an life-changing trip to China in 2008.  I started out teaching high school science in the neighborhood where I grew up in.  It was one of the most difficult job ever, yet the most rewarding.  Before all that, I was studying Chinese at the University of Houston as a post-bac alongside tutoring inner-city kids and random part-time jobs. 2008 opened my eyes in many ways and made me the person who I am today. I still reminisce about that year oh so often.

My Dream Job:

As a teacher certified in many areas–EC-12 Art, ESL, Spec.Ed; 8-12 Science; TESOL/TELF/TESL– I am looking to possibly work in an Elementary school soon (once Lilly starts Elementary school).  I’m hoping to be able to be placed at the same school that she would attend.

I  hope to add some extra fun as well as income to my baby-demanding life now by getting hired as an artist at Pinot’s Palette and/or get a job as a Zumba instructor.  Hopefully these will happen in the near future!

 I think that I am lucky to be doing what I love, and doing it professionally.  I wish that everyone can be blessed enough to

love and enjoy their job.  If you don’t like yours, I suggest leave it and find your desire.  It’s your life and time doesn’t stop for you.  Don’t regret what you chose in the past/ mistakes.  Make your future decisions better and learn from it–only then can you be happy.

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