About “Lilly Mommy”

(This is old.  Needs to be edited…once i feel like it…when that time comes…there learn about my recent past below if y’all strangers want to.  80-90% still relevant even though from Feb 2014…that’s 2 years ago! Uhg I wish I have a time machine!!! I’ll turn it back to 2008…and never leave China where I visited. Nah, don’t think I could do that…maybe extend it tho… ).                                                                                                                                                                      Hi y’all! To sum up who I am, I am a new mom to my little baby girl Lilly whom I adore so much. I love being with her and cherish every moment I have her in my arms while I’m nursing her (yes, she’s exclusively breast fed).  I miss her when I’m at work and am grateful that I only have to work part time as a teacher/tutor. I love my job and love the fact that I haven’t been away from my baby for more than 7 hours at a time ever since her birth!

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with this blog just yet.  It’ s probably just gonna serve as a little diary of some sort for me to keep track of little Lilly’s growth and to jot down thoughts.   I live in the Great state of Texas, have an amazing dog named Ninja, and I like many things including: painting, dancing, learning new languages, and visiting new places.

Oh yeah, I was also married (recently divorced) to a man who never seemed to fully understand me (or maybe he does understand but just doesn’t care enough to make life easier and happier for me).  Hmm I think that I might end up venting about things every now and then.  I’m an optimist with a bit of a gloom at times.

*somewhat edited to 2016 but not all…I’m somewhat a procrastinator too 🙂

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