Pre-Japan trip (June 2015)

It has been almost a year since i have been here. June 2nd, last week of work for me teaching (thabk God it was finals week or i would not have been able to make it with teaching), my husband was caught with online cheating again. He was using another fake email account. The 14th one that i have known of (who knows how many others he have used in thr past). I though that in 2013 once our baby was born all the looking for girls online to date or have some NSA relationship was gone…but how stupid i am. It continues. Now we are attending SA/couple’s meeting and costly marriage therapy for his addiction. He says he will never do that again and did not realize how i was hurt for the past 10 years or so of knowing him!

Wow it’s been about half a year since I’ve logged on

Hmm…after I started teaching full time again in August I barely had time for anything else.  Not to mention, August and September I taught both in a high school during the day and a night class at the community college.  Plus, a one hour commute to and from work.  2 hours driving half asleep most days!

Now with renting a weekday apartment near the school it’s a bit better.  Still not that much time with my after school private tutoring business too.  I love how the K-12 kids I tutor are so motivated to succeed and wish that all of my 10th/11th grade Chemistry kids could do the same…=( Boo hoo.  Not every one is like that.

Ahh Thanksgiving week is coming up and I will get a chance to relax with Little Lilly and the hubby.  I’m so grateful for him and the support that he gives now that I’m working too much and way too hard again.  I so miss the days when I have leisure time with the baby.  Lilly misses me so much too!

I think she has separation anxiety.  She cries “mommy” in her sleep and gets so upset when I am about to leave.  I think I have Sunday Blues and she does too.  Just knowing that Monday is coming makes both mommy and baby sad…Monday  comes I’ll have to sneak out of bed before she wakes and not see her till bout her bed time/ when she’s asleep already…it kind of sucks!

Oh how much I miss my baby! Daddy it’s time for you to bring her home already!2014-09-28 19.05.13 2014-10-11 10.06.58 2014-09-14 02.54.06


Next Week = Kazakhstan.

Lilly aren’t you excited? Mommy sure is! I can’t wait to go to your uncle Andy’s Kazakhstan wedding. That’s where your auntie Marzhan is from. Lilly baby you’ll be a travelling baby. So far you’ve been to Cancun, Mexico…and here to the other part of the world…yay! I love you so much sweetie. Mommy really misses you when I’m at work, driving on the road, and tutoring. I always look forward to seeing you, and when I see a baby crying somewhere I think of you.

Lilly’s Friday

Lilly’s with Grandpa Adams and Grandma Tammy today. We the parents switched her Saturday schedule starting today so that Saturdays we could spend it with her. We’ll be seeing her friend Jack at the swimming pool tomorrow if plans don’t change. I totally miss my baby daughter when I’m not with her.

You’re almost 9 months old!

Lilly baby you’re sleeping now. In about 5 or so hours you will turn 9 months. You’re here in Corpus Christi for a little longer since mommy went to a training class here. You also spent a whole day with daddy for the first time today. Did you bond with your daddy? I hope so. We both love you so very much!

This past Monday was your first day at The Little Gym for gymnastics class.  You were a bit scared and nervous for the first 20 minutes of P1070559 P1070558 P1070554 P1070553 P1070570 P1070562 P1070596 P1070586 P1070585 P1070581 P1070541class, but then you noticed the other kids having fun and you eased in to the class really well.  I think this coming Monday morning when we go again, you’ll have more fun.


Happy 8 Months Lilly

For your 8 Month Birthday…you ate some organic avocados that mommy mashed up for you.  Grandma S brought it over yesterday.  You were fed by your ba ngoai–your grandma.  Mommy had to go tutor for a bit, but I came back right away to play with you and feed you.  You’ve been such a needy baby this past week.  I see 2 little teeth that popped out of your lower gums…it must hurt huh?  We love you so much baby!

Daddy agreed to go to Kazakhstan with us in June/July today! Yay.  We’ll be attending mommy’s favorite cousin’s wedding there this summer.  That’s your uncle Andy.

standing baby

Lilly has started to stand by pulling herself up on the crib railings last week.  Here bed was lowered to the lowest setting yesterday and somehow she’s still able to pull herself up to standing and look over the rails.  At least it isn’t chest height like on the other setting though.  I also bought a $250 Simmons Beauty Rest Diamond mattress from Buy Buy Baby to replace her crappy $39 mattress from Walmart too.  It’s so much thicker and more comfy than the old one.  Hopefully she’ll be utilizing the nicer one.033114 CryItOut 1479098_10152318629830056_1330879370_n 1234482_10152318629640056_18325194_n

Tired and sleepy

My baby’s sleeping at home with the MIL and FIL taking care of her…while I’m here doing computer inputs, answering the phones, and translating for the husband.  I am tired and bout to get ready to go to do my work.  Yay! It’ll be more fun than this though even though I’m tired.  After school private tutoring…here I come.

Another day at Daddy’s office

Lilly’s been fussy this morning and afternoon.  I really think that she’s teething and her gums hurt.  She’s finally able to fall asleep on Andy’s futon that we keep at daddy’s office….only for 25 mins.  Then she wants to wake up and play, play, and play.  Ah so tiring to keep up with her!

March 11 office