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You’re almost 9 months old!

Lilly baby you’re sleeping now. In about 5 or so hours you will turn 9 months. You’re here in Corpus Christi for a little longer since mommy went to a training class here. You also spent a whole day with daddy for the first time today. Did you bond with your daddy? I hope so. We both love you so very much!

This past Monday was your first day at The Little Gym for gymnastics class.  You were a bit scared and nervous for the first 20 minutes of P1070559 P1070558 P1070554 P1070553 P1070570 P1070562 P1070596 P1070586 P1070585 P1070581 P1070541class, but then you noticed the other kids having fun and you eased in to the class really well.  I think this coming Monday morning when we go again, you’ll have more fun.